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In the online shop you can find a wide selection of Greek and international wine. We are constantly looking for great deals and offers, so keep an eye on this page if you’re a resident, tourist, sailor or just in general as crazy about wine and bubbles as we are.

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Porto Carras Organic Tasting Box

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Built in 1970, Porto Carras Winery has become a staple in the Greek Wine industry. It is the largest organic winery in Greece and one of the largest in Europe. Porto Carras has proven it's talents and boast many international accolades. Showcasing the best of Porto Carras, this box will give you a tour through Greek grapes with wines that are sophisticated and yet affordably priced.

White Soul: A greek blend of Athiri and Muscat of Alexandria (said to be Cleopatra's favourite). An easy-drinking wine with intense aromas of pears, apricot and rose. The palate is bright and refreshing with a balanced acidity.

Melissanthi: From the largest organic winery in Greece comes this refreshing dry white wine with a full body and zesty citrus flavour made from Roditis and Assyrtiko. It's a perfect match for fresh fish.

Malagouzia: With it's wildly aromatic character and unique flavour, it's no wonder why the world is going crazy over Malagouzia. A complex nose of tropical fruits followed by hints of mint and other herbal flavours, this wine is sure to surprise and delight. 

Rosé: Intense aromas of ripe strawberries and cherries hit the nose and are followed by a fruity dry flavour with hints of rose. It's rich texture makes you think of strawberries and cream with a nicely balanced acidity.

Ruby Heart: Greek grape Limnio has been combined with Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah to create a delicious dry red full of forest fruits, vanilla and chocolate. The palate is smooth with soft tannins and a lingering aftertaste.

Chateau Porto Carras: A Bordeaux-inspired wine that uses traditional French grapes Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot as well as indigenous Greek grape Limnio to produce a wine worthy of it's awards. A beautifully balanced wine with flavours of black fruits and cedar, which creates a smoky and smooth character. This wine has cellaring potential and grows more impressive every year. 

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